The Fondazione Banfi

For a new wine culture

Fondazione Banfi was founded with the goal to promote and cultivate the philosophy and culture associated with the wine world.

Fondazione Banfi is a non-profit organization that aims at promoting, advancing and enhancing the philosophy and culture of viticulture and enology practices from ancient times to the present day, both on a national and international level. 

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Sanguis Jovis
Alta Scuola del Sangiovese

The project of Sanguis Jovis research and training Center is born with the aim of enhancing and spreading out the culture of Sangiovese.

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Glass Museum

The long journey, which leads from ancient glass to the modern bottle, can be retraced in the rich collection of the Banfi Glass Museum, which Fondazione Banfi wanted to create in the historic medieval castle of Poggio alle Mura, today Castello Banfi.

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Brunella Whale

“Brunella” is the nickname given to a fossil whale discovered in Poggio alle Mura area, in the municipality of Montalcino (Siena), considered by experts to be one of the most significant paleontological findings of recent decades.

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Jazz & Wine

One of the longest-running and most successful festivals in Italy, Jazz & Wine in Montalcino has been the meeting point between wine and high quality music for XXIII editions.

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