Jazz & Wine in Montalcino

Jazz & Wine in Montalcino

Jazz & Wine in Montalcino

Jazz & Wine in Montalcino is not just a festival, one of the most exciting and long-lasting festivals in the admittedly rich national panorama that is, it is an actual 360-degree cultural project which began, in 1998, from a beautiful and innovative intuition and grew, over the years, thanks to a synergic and at the same time innovative relationship with the territory and the authorities.

The intuition, simple, but very effective, was to unite and allow to thrive together, in a synergic and original way, two of the most intimate and intense passions on earth, quality wine and quality music, as a matter of fact, jazz music. Two passions which, to be fully enjoyed and understood, demanded the same meditative needs, the same rhythms of engagement, the same predisposition and cultural open mindedness.

A intuition that come forth by chance, listening to jazz music and sipping good wine, in the spectacular atmosphere of the Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival of Rome, by two individuals, one of which me, with completely different stories and experiences, but bound by the same identical passions. One of the two, sadly, is no longer with us. However, we largely owe the work, the merits and the success to him, to Giampiero Rubei, an old-fashioned music impresario, and creator of some of the most beautiful festivals in Italy, as well as the founder of Alexanderplatz, the historical and, in many ways, inimitable jazz club of Rome.

From the beginning, the support on behalf of the authorities was fundamental, with the Town of Montalcino which believed in the project from the start, and invested time, resources and ideas, and, above all, granted the festival the most spectacular setting imaginable, the 14th century Fortress of Montalcino, which, since 1998, on that cool evening of July 10 of all those years ago, has represented the ideal setting for this beautiful project.

Since then, in Montalcino, there has been a succession of the greatest Italian and international musicians – from the most acclaimed stars to the most promising young artists – the most innovative experimentations, the most interesting contaminations, with different music styles and signs, as only jazz music is capable of.

From 1998, furthermore, many Jazz & Wine festivals were created and developed, in Italy, as well as throughout the world, confirming, in any case, if at all necessary, the beautiful intuition of 22 years ago and officially acknowledging the Montalcino Jazz & Wine festival as the original festival, the initiator.

Today, the festival continues with the same passion as before, if anything with more courage and determination, and, therefore, I take this opportunity to thank those who strongly wanted this festival, advancing it despite the difficulties, such as we are experiencing in these days, without ever renouncing quality, innovation, and the sense of beauty which finds its irreplaceable home in Montalcino.

So, thanks to the Rubei family, to Giampiero, the founder, to whom the festival is dedicated and to his son, Paolo, who, in his footsteps, is taking it even further. Thanks to the Town of Montalcino and its illuminated mayors and councilors who understood the importance of the festival, without resting on the easy laurels of a town with, at this point, worldwide recognition, but investing in a quality offer and in private initiative. Thanks, finally, to Banfi and its foundation which I am honored to represent, for creating this festival, taking part in its conception, promotion, and communication over the years.

Rodolfo Maralli – President Fondazione Banfi

For further information, visit: https://jazzandwinemontalcino.it/