Sanguis Jovis

Sanguis Jovis Alta Scuola del Sangiovese

The Scientific Project

Fondazione Banfi - Sanguis Jovis - Alta Scuola del Sangiovese

Sanguis Jovis - Alta Scuola del Sangiovese is the first permanent Research Center on Sangiovese, the most widely cultivated variety in Italy.

Through scientific research, communication of knowledge and higher education, the project aims at increasing and advancing the culture of Sangiovese in Italy and worldwide.

The need for interdisciplinary research and education

Advanced scientific culture and technical production innovation cultures meet the culture of enterprise and innovation in the wine world and in its history.

Full text of the Scientific project
  • Attilio Scienza

    Scienza Sanguis Jovis

  • Alberto Mattiacci

    Mattiacci Sanguis Jovis

  • Gabriele Gorelli

    Gorelli Faculty Worldwide Ambassador