Digital and Social Communication - Activities

Digital and Social Communication - Activities

Activities in Detail

Communicating the activities carried out at the Brunella laboratory is one of the purposes of this project. In order to reach as many people as possible with our messages, we have used a series of techniques which, so far, have produced excellent results.

The Brunella project was formally presented on the Art Bonus website (, where the fundamental aspects of the project, as well as the status of fundraising and the funding bodies (Banfi srl in this case) are detailed. The project was presented in a press release by the Italian Department of Cultural Assets and Activities (


On a scientific level, the project was presented on the website of the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape ( where an update with a comprehensive photo gallery is provided. The project was also discussed in detail in a presentation at the 1st Paleontology of Vertebrates Conference for Young Researchers on September 14, 2018 (VP Day). The contributions presented at this congress, sponsored by the Italian Paleontological Society, Italian Geological Society, Italian Association for the Study of the Quaternary, Paleontology in Progress work group, were published in a volume where also the "Brunella" Project was officially presented and discussed.

At the laboratory, there are two blackboards on display with drawings and texts in Italian or English which provide an immediate presentation of the laboratory and its activities. The blackboards worked very well to attract visitors interested in the activities taking place around Poggio alle Mura, Sant'Angelo Scalo and Montalcino.

Brunella is also mentioned on Facebook where the Institute of Archeo-Anthropological Studies publishes public outreach posts that have collected thousands of views and on Twitter where the 17 posts published from July to October 2018 exceeded 30,000 views.

The following hashtags were created specifically for "Brunella": #whaleinavineyard or #brunellawhale or #pliocenerenaissance. The posts are usually published on Friday as part of a Twitter event called #FossilFriday and are followed all over the world!