Team Brunella Whale

Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the provinces of Siena, Grosseto and Arezzo
(dr. Massimo Tarantini, 2016 - February 2018; Dr. Jacopo Tabolli, from February 2018)

Project coordinator for Banfi and Fondazione Banfi:
dr. Elizabeth Koenig

Scientific direction:
dr. Michelangelo Bisconti

Direction of restoration:
dr. Roberta Scotton

Archeobioschool Organization:
ISA - Institute of Archaeo-anthropological Studies
(dr. Renzo Bigazzi, Dr. Giuseppe D'Amore)

Coordination of didactic activities:
dr. Sylvia Di Marco

Micro excavation and restoration activities:
dr. Michelangelo Bisconti
dr. Roberta Scotton
dr. Renzo Bigazzi
dr. Sylvia Di Marco
dr. Giuseppe D'Amore

Research team:
prof. Luca Maria Foresi University of Siena
dr. Luca Ragaini University of Pisa
dr. Stefano Dominici Museum of Natural History of Florence
prof. Giorgio Carnevale, University of Turin