Rudy Buratti, chief enologist at Banfi, graduated from the Scuola Enologica di San Michele all’Adige in 1981.

Protagonist of Banfi's extraordinary entrepreneurial history, he passed away prematurely in January 2018.
Fondazione Banfi and Centro Agricoltura Alimenti Ambiente of San Michele all'Adige established the graduation award "Premio Rudy Buratti", which will be repeated annually, thus intending to remember the human and professional figure and bringing it as an example for young generation in the industry.

Fondazione Banfi and Centro Agricoltura Alimenti Ambiente of San Michele all'Adige seek to remember his human and professional stature, as an example for the young generation in the industry.

The award was assigned to an experimental thesis/paper for a 3-year degree in Viticulture and Enology, discussing topics in the field of viticulture and enology.

The winner received a cash prize of €1,500 (one thousand five hundred euros).
The winner was also invited to attend the Sanguis Jovis Summer School of the corresponding year for free.

Award ceremony

Monday 15th July 2019
Astrusi Theater (Montalcino)

Fondazione Banfi presented, in the presence of the Judging Commission, the local authorities and the Buratti family, the final award ceremony of the 1st Edition of the Rudy Buratti Degree Award in Viticulture and Enology.

With unanimous judgment, the Commission considered the thesis of Dr. Stefano Dalledonne, entitled "How does wine evolve on a supermarket shelf? Evaluation of chemical, physical and sensorial parameters", the most deserving for the originality of the topic and for the practical effects on Italian enology.


The following took part:

Attilio Scienza, President of Sanguis Jovis
Rodolfo Maralli, President of Fondazione Banfi
Enrico Viglierchio, Banfi CEO
Silvio Franceschelli, Mayor of Montalcino