Rudy Buratti prize - award ceremony of the 1st edition

Rudy Buratti prize - award ceremony of the 1st edition


Monday, 15 july
Teatro degli Astrusi (Montalcino)

The Banfi Foundation presents, in the presence of the Judging Committee, the local authorities and the Buratti family, the final award of the 1st Edition of the Degree Prize in Viticulture and Enology Rudy Buratti.

With unanimous judgment the Commission, has considered the thesis of the Dott. Stefano Dalledonne, entitled "How does wine evolve on a supermarket shelf? Evaluation of chemical, physical and sensorial parameters", the most deserving for the originality of the subject and for the practical effects on Italian enology. 

Partecipation of:

  • Prof. Attilio Scienza, President of Sanguis Jovis
  • Prof. Massimo Bertamini, professor and and coordinator of the degree course in Viticulture and Enology of the C3A, University of Trento - Foundation Edmund Mach
  • Rodolfo Maralli, President of Fondazione Banfi
  • Enrico Viglierchio, AD Banfi
  • Silvio Franceschelli, Mayor of Montalcino